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Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I am looking to buy a video card soon but have some case clearance issues. Right now i have a 8600gt, so its a short single slot video card about 7" long. I dont really keep up to date on computer hardware until im looking to build/upgrade my computer, so please bear with me. :)

I have seen some of the popular new video cards out now and they are very long, but i dont know how long. The online computer parts websites i have gone to dont list the dimensions of the cards. In my case i have measured and i have a good 9" of room, MAYBE 9 1/2 but then there would be a wire loom coming out of my psu always putting pressure on the video card, i would like to avoid this.

Also, i think i can have a double slot video card. By double slot i mean where the card attaches to the case, the new cards all look to take up two slots. On my mother board there are some capasitors directly under the pci slot, but i think they are just a tad taller than the pci slot itself, so i think a two slot video card would clear them. My motherboard is a abit ib9 btw, if anyone has had trouble with clearance on it please let me know.

Having said all this, can someone recomend me a good card? :D I would like to stay under $150 usd, but if there is a great card above this price that would fit in my case please let me know about it as well :)

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  1. not sure about the length but I suggest get a 9800GT or similar card. This is if youare planning on using your PC for gaming. A lot of reviews recommend the ATI 4770 but there are availability issues for this card. If you are not planning on doing a lot of 3d PC gaming then a 9500 or similar GPU should suit your needs. I suggest that you read "the Best Graphics card for your money" article here in toms hardware for additional guidance.
  2. The 250 GST which is virtually the same card as the 9800 just on a smaller die runs about 139-149 depending upon the ram included. It runs 9.15 inches long. On the xfx card I just bought the power supply plug is on the end so you need to add about .5 to .75 inches to the end to allow for the cable clearance.

    Many cards today are manufactured using 8, 9 and 11 inch long PCB so you will definitely need to check before you buy.


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