External hard drive for Playstation 3

:hello: Hi all, I needed to ask this question because hopefully I can get a quick answer. I'm looking at buying this hard drive from amazon -> http://www.amazon.co.uk/Buffalo-Juststore-Slimline-Portable-External/dp/B003M5UU7I. I need to know whether it supports the FAT32 format or not. I'm using it to transfer my PS3 PSN games to it, instead of re downloading all of them again and wasting many hours with my awful ISP. I'm about 80% sure you can choose the FAT32 format yourself by formatting it, I would appreciate it if you had a quick look at this link about formatting the HD to FAT32, points out what I'm looking to do -> http://www.buzzle.com/articles/using-external-hard-drive-with-ps3.html

Fast replies are gratefully received. I'm a bit impatient because I have my new HD ready to install in the PS3 but don't want to have to download everything again.
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