2,5" HDD for laptop; PATA/IDE: Suggestion ? WD3200BEVE Scorpio Blue ?


I'm after a 2,5" PATA HDD of 200+ GB for a 2004 laptop running XP SP3. But SATA is everywhere and PATA is scarce.

I have spotted the Western Digital WD3200BEVE Scorpio Blue 320GB, 5400 rpm, 8MB;

With the hope of some extra performance, I would favour a 7200 rpm, as my current HDD, but I couldn't find any other reference (price is not extremely important).

Any better HDD suggestion ?

Thank you very much in advance

* The websites of Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate only list SATA HDD and no IDE/PATA.

* The old laptop is a Fujitsu Siemens Amilo L6825 from 2004. It was originally equipped with a Seagate Momentus 4011 40GB HDD and upgraded in 2007 with an Hitachi 100GB 7200rpm - Travelstar 7K100. As the "candidate" 320Gb WD is only 5400 rpm, I was afraid of losing performance. However a 2009 review listing many results showed the WD3200BEVT (SATA) much better than the old 7K100. So, I bet the WD3200BEVE (although a slower PATA 100 MB/s) should be at least as good as the 7K100. Scorpio review

* I came across that interesting thread I'll keep the C: partition way under 137GB ;-)

* Why not a new laptop ? I like matt screen. I don't like 16:9 displays (I prefer 4:3). I don't like very high dpi displays. And the old laptop works fine anyway. No need to choose 32 bit versus 64 OS. No need to search for drivers. Easy. In a couple of years maybe, with a cheap huge SSD and Windows 9 SP5 ;-) .

* WD provides some info related to the "Advanced format" and the need to use their utility but it's unfortunately pretty obscure in my eyes. May have to dig into this... Hope it doesn't apply to the 320GB version ;-)

Thanks again.
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    The WD 120GB drive you've chosen will work fine. I don't see any 7200 drives available, however you should still see a performance boost from your old 40GB drive.

    The newer drives have denser platters with PMR technology which will be noticable. Actually the 5400 drives of today perform like 7200 drives of old because of the increased areal density.

    Here are some HDTach benchmarks of some drives I have documented:

    40GB WD Scorpio WD400VE 5400rpm Laptop Drive: Average = 28.6MB/s, Max = 36MB/s

    320GB WD Scorpio WD3200BEVT 5400rpm Laptop Drive: Average = 49.3MB/s, Max = 67MB/s

    The 320GB drive data is from 2008, the 40GB drive data is from a 2004 drive. Newer models should be even faster.
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  3. Hello,

    After making the switch, here is some information I thought worth sharing.

    The software provided by Western Digital for "alignment", important for Advanced Format, didn't work with the WD HDD in the non-WD USB enclosure I was using.

    My WD3200BEVE, produced end of 2010, was NOT Advanced Format. So, it didn't require the special wizardry to get its maximum performance.

    The performance seems just fine. The throughput as tested by HDTach is better than with the 7K100.

    Happy with the upgrade

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