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Just recently finished to build my system.
The spec:
Intel C2D E8500
Biostar TPower i45
2x 2GB Patriot DDRII 800
Xfx GTX260 (Black Edition)
HDDs > 320gb + 1.5tb
Chieftec super series 650w psu

The problem is, that with this setup when I press the power button on my case the system successfully starts only after the 2nd/3rd restart. The first 2/3 times it starts up, runs for a few seconds than turns off, starts again and shuts down again till in the 3rd or 4th try it boots to the OS successfully. After that everything is running smooth without any problems.

So far I discovered, that, if I put a weaker graphics card (my old xfx 7900gt/gto) it starts as it should. I tried to put a different PSU (my old FSP bluestorm II 500w and connected only to the vga, mb) and I still have this "starting error".

I'm totally confused at this point.

P.S. Getting the gtx260 to the reseller is the current plan of action.
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  1. Sounds more like a power supply problem.

    Can you find a friend to test the video card?
  2. But the same is with other psu. That's why I think it's a foulty vga.
    At the moment I do not have any other systems available for testing the vga or another psu with more A in the 12v rail (both my psu's have 18a on the 12v rail).

    The weirdest thing is that when the system succesfully starts, it runs perfect.
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