Fresh install or load image?

I recently upgraded my computer with new MB (Asus Maximus III), CPU (i5 760), RAM (4 gigs dual channel), and Vid Card (ATI 6870) and reinstalled Windows 7 (32 bit). Im loving my new system for speed but now have the SSD itch. Its been about 2 weeks since i reinstalled everything

I am still sifting through the forums here deciding if I should wait for the new ones to come out or just take advantage of some good deals now (have my eye on OCZ Vertax 2 120gig)

My question is if it would be best to do another fresh install of Windows or could I make an image and load that if and when I got an SSD.

Let me know what you think

Thanks in advance

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  1. IMO, I would go with a fresh install moving to a SSD from a standard hard drive. It is the cleanest way to move to the new SSD on your system.
  2. When I recently installed an SSD in my laptop I just imaged the old drive onto the SSD, then optimized Windows for SSD use. Here's a great webpage on how to optimize Windows on your SSD (Thanks Tecmo).
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    Fresh install, reason posted elsewhere (sorry).

    And that is a GREAT SSD! OCZ Vertex 2 120GB is one of the best, and not as costly as others rated less. Also look into a OCZ Agaility 2, might be a few $$ less.

    And, once you have a SSD, you'll never go back. Keep your HDD for data/media (Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.).

    I'd bump that OS to a 64-bit, to use all of your RAM!
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