Im studying MCSA and looking to double my memory to help run, 2x Virtual Xp's and 1x Virtual Server 2003, later to add Virtual Vista/Server 2008 and Virtual Win 7. So, yes I need as much number crunching power as I can get.

I have many more reasons to upgrade my ram, but lets not get me started.

Anyways, I have:

2x 2GB (4GB) of OCZ2RPR800C42G (according to CPUz), which Im looking to double so I will have 8GB in total.

Atm settings are, 5,5,5,15 2.2v @ 464mz (cpu is OC'd 5000BE - 250x13=3250) and the rest is all auto

So, please can you help advise what would be the best match for another 4gb?


PS. If I can get the exact same memory, I'l be happy with that, but will have to take off the reaper bit, due to my extra huge Air cpu heatsink and fan.

Asus M3A32-MVP Wifi Deluxe

I have just found this on ebuyer, wth I thought 4gb was arnd and below £50


OCZ2RPR800C44GK - model is different, so what are the differences? how will it, if any, affect installing alongside my current ram?
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  1. Did you look at newegg to try and match your memory both voltage and spec's. Also can't you go 180 degrees with the cooler.
    Just one more question, since you have a Black edition processor why did you raise the FSB to 250 instead of the cpu clock (benefit of BE processor)? just to push the ram?
  2. 1. I dont know how to newegg match voltages and specs.

    2. my CPU HSF is currently facing the back of the case so its | way and not --- way. Not sure how much of a problem the HSF is causing but this should not matter.

    3. Its an AMD Atholon 64 x2 dual core 5000+ BE and as far as I aware, having also read around since this CPU was released, the best overclock is a higher FSB with slightly altered clock. I think default clock is 12x200(FSB), so changing it up 1 is not much difference, however, using a 200 FSB with say 16.5 clock, does not work for me. Its not stable if I do that - every cpu is different.
  3. Sorry, I meant you can look at newegg.com (a retailer) and see almost all memory thats availabel. By clicking on one you see it's specifications voltage speed etc to get a match.
    I thought when you said pull the reaper bit you meant you had the reaper memory which is a high profile (tall) chip due to its heatsink. The idea was to clear the cooler by reversing it's mount, blows the wrong way but some actually blow upward towards the power supply.
    Totally unrelated just curious, I am no master overclocker but from what I've been reading they usually go for the highest stable clock multiplier and then raise the fsb to squeeze the rest out. Less stress on the ram and keeps it from being the limiter on overclock. No big deal just thinging of less stress on the ram, good luck.
  4. Ow, I thought you meant there was a tool I didnt know about on newegg, which automatically matched your ram for the best possible uprade/replacement, nevermind.

    Yes it is the reaper memory with a high profile (tall) heatsink (not chip!), but my current HSF came with extra bracket so that I can face the HSF towards the back, instead of it pushing air to the top (or in my case towards the PSU). Without openin the case to check, this is why Im not sure about adding some more ram with the same fitting (tall heatsink), BUT it should be ok.

    Reg the OC, that makes perfect sence, maybe something I can look into with when I upgrade to quad, atm, Im happy to leave it as it is...
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