Second power supply for radeon 4870

I bought a Radeon HD 4870 and i was wondering if a Corsair VX450 would work for JUST the 4870 as a second. I already have a power supply for everything else, but i don't have 2 PCI-E Connectors.
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  1. what are the rest of the spec of your pc, and the main psu, cause it dosent take a lot to power a pc
  2. The rest is this Phenom 2 955@3.4Ghz, WD Caviar 500GB, GIGABYTE AMD 790GX With integrated Radeon HD 3300. I cant find the box for the main PSU because i origionally built the computer in '05 or '06 and just recently upgraded it, but it only has one PCI-E connection
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