Hello, I have a BSOD problem on my laptop :fou: . as windows loads the BSOD appears, so i am not able to reach the desktop. I have tried to re install both win7 and xp but niether worked, it would get as far as first loading files then saying "setup is starting" but it will stay on this screen for as long as the laptop is turned on, i cant change anything in BIOS, i simply dont have the option to change anything besides boot order, time date, and admin passwords. Ive tried every opion in #f2 e.g safe mode, safe mode with networking, last good known configuration..etc. another thing, if i try to acces safe mode without a win7 cd in it simply goes to the BSOD and crashes/restarts, but if i put the win7 cd in and try acces safe mode it goes to a black screen with the words "safe mode" in each of the four corners. I'm completely lost on what i should do, i'm thinking of creating a flash drive with ubuntu and trying to reboot with that. Any suggestion greatly appreciated. My laptop is a Compaq presario cq62 notebook pc /(processor type) intel(r) core(tm) i3 CPU M370 @ 2.40GHz (processor speed) 2400MHz with 2048 mb ram. BIOS revision F.16
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  1. Looks like your boot sector is messed up. Did you create a console recovery (would show as option on boot) ? Otherwise you may have to re-install OS. Try to create a console recovery from Safe Mode, don't remember if it allows that but might work. Follow instructions on this website:
  2. Umm...I use recovery console a lot, to fix things.
    Isn't it installed by default when U install Windows?

    Ok, what does the blue screen error related to?

    And yes, recovery console is a good start.
    Just boot from your win cd and press r when it loads.
    If you don't have dual boot then press one.
    If you have a pass , type it , if not, just press Enter.

    U could try the chkdsk command first, then an fixboot or an fixmbr
    For things U don't know and more options, just type

    If you want more details on what it does, click here:

    If U want to reinstall, then do a clean install, by formating the drive at the recovery console with the folowing command:

    format your_drive_letter:\ /q
    For more options type:
    format /? , then try to install windows :hello:
  3. Recovery Console is not installed by default unless you streamlined your own install CD.
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