Computer, something is not right...

So here are my specs;

M3a78-Pro Mobo
Phenom II x4 940
XFX 4850 512MB
4 Gigabytes of Gskill 800mhz
160 Gigabyte HD

Well anyways, sometimes when playing games, well the majority of the time I dont think I am getting the frames I should be.

Also, whenever I try to over clock my GPU, even by 10-15 increments, it is unstable.

When multitasking, sometimes it takes a while for my comp to actual do what I want it to do. (Open a browser, load a file, etc..)

Could it be my hard drive? Its a few years old, and I dont know the exact specs. I know its a sata, so does that mean it is a 3.0/s or can it be a 1.5/s ? Will that effect my gaming experience?
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  1. Hmm,have you got 4x1 of ram [timing problem]also turn off cool & quite or some such in the bios,are you sure that ram has been accepted/tested by Asus for that mobo,as for the hdd it is complimentary to the specs of that mobo,so unless it is failing there should be no problems ,have you defragged lately..:)
  2. Im using 2x1 for ram, and I think cool & quiet is on.

    I have not checked ram compatibility with my mobo yet, but I plan on buying a new mobo soon anyways

    I defrag weekly
  3. Is your PSU big enough for the GPU and big enough for overclocking?
  4. I reckon hdd, look at the recent toms article on replacing hdd's and you'll see even 'eco' hdd's today are outperforming old performance models
  5. 4850's are not know to overclock that well, and they run hot. If you want to overclock them, you have to get some good case cooling going on.
    Next, turn off cool and quiet. It is not supposed to make any difference, and the processor should come up to speed when it needs to. But I am here to tell you, and most others will tell the same thing, it performs a lot better if you turn it off.
    And yeah, an old slower drive can really slow things down, especially when you are multitasking. Drives have come a long, long ways in only a couple of years.
  6. if that setup lags to open programs, its either disc, ram or software
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