RAID 5, 4 disks, 3 say 3Gb/s transfer, 1 only 1.5 Gb/s

I was recently checking out my new Intel Rapid Storage Technology software (i updated) and noticed this. Four identical drives. 3 seem correct with SATA transfer rates of 3 Gb/s. One says 1.5.

They are identical drives. Why would this be? does it affect anything?

How do I fix it.
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  1. 1) Where does it "Say" that? In a benchmark, the BIOS, Device Manager, what?
    2) What model motherboard? It would be pretty funny to find that it's an old one that has 1.5 Gb/s SATA ports on a second controller.
    3) Swap the SATA ports - the slow drive and one of the fast ones. If the 1.5 notation, wherever it is, moves with the drive, RMA it. If it stays with the SATA port, use another SATA port.

    Let us know the results.
  2. do they have any jumpers? some of the older sata 3gb/s drives had jumpers to make them 1.5gb/s for compatibility
  3. Check the 1.5 drive to see if has a jumper on the back set to legacy mode. Most SATA II drives have a jumper on the back to choose between SATA II 3.0 and SATA I 1.5 modes for legacy motherboards.
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