How to install os in laptop through external cd rom

hi i m velsamy i had one problem i dont have cd-rom in my lap, also i cant able to install through usb and all, So reply me how to install windows XP in my laptop through external CD-ROM

thank u in advance
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  1. Hi, i am understand you problem. Try to install Win XP on your laptop through external CD Rom, it connected via usb because it is a very easy way to connect a hardware from your laptop or pc.
  2. Are you saying a USB CD drive does not work? Or a USB flash drive? USB CD drive would work just like an internal one, provided your laptop can boot off USB devices. Go into the BIOS, make sure the USB CD drive is listed in the boot order, put in the XP disk in the CD drive, and boot off it. Procedure to install is the exact same otherwise.
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