Would these radiators be able to cool my CPU and GPU?

I'm just wondering if a single 120mm and a dual 140mm radiator would do the job of cooling an i5-2400/2500k and a single ATI 6950 gpu?
I most likely won't be overclocking the CPU but I will the GPU (maybe unlock to 6970).
I was hoping of having 2 fans on the 120mm pushing cool air and 2 140mm fans on just the one side pushing for the dual 140mm rad. Both the fans would be fitted inside the case.
I'm not looking for amazing temps, just decent temps in a quiet system. It's a single loop with 1/2" tubing throughout.

here are the rads I was looking at and the fans.

Black Ice GT Stealth 280 XFlow Black
Black Ice GT Stealth 120 Black

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan
x2 Noctua NF-P14 FLX 140mm Fans

oh, and would replacing the single 120mm rad with a single 140mm help much?

suggestions welcome! :D
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  1. yes 120.1 + 140.2 will cool your cpu and single gpu
    yes replacing a single 120mm with a 140mm rad will be better as it has a bit more rad surface although if your simply replacing an existing 120mm with a 140mm im not sure it will be worth the investment in your situation
    this thread may help with your questions:
  2. This needs to be moved to the water cooling forum. Mods, can we have this moved, please? Thanks guys.

    Also, why BIX rads vs. other options that don't require high CFM fans?
  3. Sorry about that.

    I thought they were for low air flow, I know they're the slim ones. Which do you suggest?
    Also, could I add the northbridge into that loop by any chance? I know I don't need to but I would like to so if I can I would do it.
  4. No problem on the forum placement.

    No, BIX rads are high FPI rads at about 30FPI. Most other rads are in the 7-10FPI range which allows good cooling with lower speed fans. If you go with Black Ice rads, you'll want high CFM fans to get the most out of them, otherwise you are wasting your money in buying them. You might want to do some research on your radiators at that link.
  5. rubix_1011 said:
    This needs to be moved to the water cooling forum.

    You've been out hunting.
    They're everywhere,
    I need a waterblock for my motherboard --- in the MB section
    I need a waterblock for my gpu ----- in the gpu section
    will these rads cool my system--- in the homebuilt section

    Good luck
  6. Yeah, I'm trying to build a universal sense of where we are at. I guess the problem with Tom's is that there are a lot of one-and-done kind of people...ones that log on for a single issue and are never seen again.

    It would be nice to handle these issues since most of us have a decent idea of what is needed...asking questions to people in forums where they typically aren't part of the WC community is like asking your dentist about preferred connecting rods for your '68 Camaro.
  7. Quote:
    Also, could I add the northbridge into that loop by any chance? I know I don't need to but I would like to so if I can I would do it.

    Forgot to address this.

    Yes, you can, you simply need to determine which block fits your NB on your motherboard. The amount of heat put out isn't huge, so you can fit it into your current loop config without really needing to make any real adjustments for more rad space.
  8. Sweet. So what would you say the minimum CFM a fan should push for 30FPI? Just so I get an idea sort of thing.

    Any recommendations for radiators? Any I should avoid completely?
  9. You don't really want a X-flow radiator...dual pass are the standard now. You can tell the difference by where the inlet/outlet ports are: both on the same side, dual pass. Opposite sides, X-flow. They perform a little lower than dual pass, but are mainly for specific configurations where the tubing needs to be routed that way.

    Are you dead set on BIX rads or are others an option? Other relatively cheap/good performing options are Swiftech and XSPC rads...there are others as well.
  10. I'm not very set on BIX, yeh I don't want x-flow. I'll take a look at the others, thanks
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    Np...take your time to figure out what is best for you and your budget.
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