PC Randomly Freezes When Gaming

Hi there, I recently upgraded my mobo/ram and I've been encountering some terrible freezes to the point where I have to restart my PC. Hopefully you guys can give me some tips to make my ram more stable. I am a newb in the memory overclocking area.

CPU: AMD 1090T @ 3.2Ghz
MOBO: Asus Crosshair Formula IV @ latest BIOS 1902
Memory: Ripjaws X F3-12800CL9D 8GB
Sapphire 6870 1GB.

I heard these ram sticks are not the best choice for Form IV, but some people were able to make it work. When I checked the BIOS, the timing was 9-9-9-28, the Asus Vendor List, listed the ram sticks @ 9-9-9-24 @ 1.6v.

If you guys have any other questions, please ask them right away, I've been dying to upgrade my computer for so long, I just can't stand having these problems. Also, atm I don't think I can do any stress test that involves DVD drive. My old mobo was a M4A78-Pro which used IDE, and sadly I haven't bought a new DVD fit for newer generation models.
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  1. There are several possible reasons why you are suffering problems. The most likely suspects are the brand new components you just installed, although other components might also be the source. The memory is easiest to check first. Download and run Memtest.
  2. Quick Update: I changed the timing to 24 in bios. Right now it's 9-9-9-24, before it was 9-9-9-28.

    I've tested it on Homefront & Crysis 2 so far, and it has no problems. No freezing or whatsoever. I guess it was all in the timing.

    When I first tested my PC after the recent upgrade, I tried Crysis 2 and within a minute or 2, I was forced to restart my PC because it would freeze on me. I was at least 5 minutes into the game. Homefront was 20 minutes in the game without freeze.

    Hopefully future readers out there sees this, it's a pain in the butt dealing with random freezes. If I start freezing again, I will go back tot his thread.
  3. keep the timings at 9-9-9-24 and set your dram voltage to 1.6v.

    If the problem still persist, slowly up the volt in increases of .01v.

    if your ram cannot handle over 1.65 or 1.8v, going over it shouldn't be too ideal.

    You should be able to run that ram fine at 1.65 though. Must be badly made ram, either from brand or you were just lucky enough to get the bad eggs.
  4. Sounds like a heating issue...What are your GPU/CPU temps?
  5. If the RAM was the issue I hope it's fixed now. Memtest86+ is a great RAM tester.

    In my experience I usually get freezes from my GPU if I clock it higher than it can go at whatever voltage. So, if you overclocked the GPU at all then definitely you'll need to make some adjustments there IMO.

    Could be heat issues but... probably not. Still worth monitoring though.
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