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im looking to replace my motherboard due to it frying from a storm, if i have a phenom quadcore 9550 will it work with this motherboard, it says quadcore but i noticed that a new phenom has been released and i do not want to purchase this motherboard just to find out bad news.

Will my 9550 phenom quadcore fit with the above motherboard and also if it offers 4 ram slots which ones do i use or can i use all 4? they have a set of blue and black
please lend me your advice and thank you!
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  1. i have 9600 gt superclocked, but i wanted to up my motherboard, so if i buy one of those motherboards i wont need to upgrade my ram to ddr3? i can still use ddr2? also what is the difference between the two?
  2. sorry for double post, i read about the hybrid technology, for me to use it do i need to buy a ati hybrid card? are the graphics better than a 250 gts? i was going to buy that soon for my computer.
  3. thanks zigzoom, i purchased that really cheap one you listed, i had a 790fx deluxe which was upsetting since it was fried. it was only useful for me if i wanted dual cards, i dont want to risk damaging my hardware by overclocking so i dont. i installed that 780 and had a few problems that i guessed and checked and fixed everything in the end. thanks for your advice and knowledge.
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