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Three days ago I started my computer up and one of the fans came on very loud. I was worried it was a virus causing this; but the night before the fan came on I was on a game for a few hours (Red Orchestra) and the fan was totally fine, so I don't think I could have got a virus here. I've ran AVG and Malware bytes but that picked up nothing. Here are my computer specs:

I have an Intel Core i7 930 processor, and after half an hour being idle here are my core temperatures:
Are these good temperatures or are they really hot? hot enough to make my fan come on very loud?
I'm not a tech savy guy; I'm wondering whether these temperatures are enough to make the fan go really loud, or whether its just the bearings that are going. Btw, I've had this computer for about 6-7 monthes now. When I start my computer up, the usual fans come on, which are very quite, and then 2 seconds later this air-plane turbine comes on. Any help is much appreciated :)
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  1. The temps are quite fine TBH. It's probably the CPU fan going down the drain, so I'd recommend a new cooler (just for the hell of it, cheap as it is). Look at the Cooler Master Hyper 212+ for awesome cooling at a little more than the price of a new reference cooler.

  2. ^^Thanks a lot Toxxyc. Thats reassuring.
    As I said above I'm not an expert with computers, and it turns out I accidentally turned a dial on the outside of the computer that affects one of the fan's speed. It's embarrasing, and makes this post irrelevant.

    ADMIN: Please remove this thread.
  3. LOL no it won't be removed - many others will have read this and realized the same kind of mistake. I installed an additional fan on my CPU cooler a while back, and it ran VERY fast. Only after numerous programmes to check my CPU temps did I realize that if you set the fan speed to "Performance Mode" in the BIOS it will give max power and spin up the 120mm fan to 2100RPM at all times. Turned it back a little, and now it's purring like a kitten.
  4. OK thanks again. Btw, on Windows 7 how do you access the BIOS? when I start up there's no prompt or key to press.
  5. BIOS loads before Windows does, the operating system has nothing to do with the BIOS. If you turn on the PC, it probably POSTs and does all the BIOS thingys before the screen even turns on. This can be solved by restarting the PC - the screen will remain on - and then you can see the POST sequence with a note to tell you which button to press. It is usually the <delete> button, <F1> or <F2>, depending on BIOS, motherboard and w/e else can affect it.

    If all else fails, press the power button on the PC, and keep pressing the <delete> key instantly to see if it works. If not, repeat with the <F1> key, and if this fails try pressing the <F8> key to see if you can't get a tip from the "Safe Mode" menu.
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