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I just ordered components to build a new PC and I'm wondering if anyone has experience using a windows 7 upgrade to do a clean install...I'm planning on getting the windows 7 professional upgrade from microsoft with my student discount (, but I'm not sure if I should just buy the download ($30) or if I need to (or should) pay for the backup disc as well (+$15). Basically, does anyone know the size of the download and whether it's possible to burn this onto a CD or DVD and use it to perform a clean install, or will I need to buy the backup disc and install off of those?

Note that I have seen the methods of how to clean install using an upgrade here; I'm assuming that this method will apply to me - please correct me if I'm wrong:
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  1. If you don't have an OS on it already you need the full version, upgrade is for computers that already have an older Windows on it. You don't need the disk, just make one from the download.
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