Which card for my old machine?


I have an older machine and the video card is toast. I am looking to replace it.

My machine is a 2.41 Ghz Athon 64 4000+ with a Asus A8N-E motherboard, GeForce 7900 GTX (toast :(), 2 gigs of ram and a 450 watt PS.

I am looking for suggestions for the best fit video card for this old beast. I'm not sure exactly what to go after as the mobo is pci express 1 and i don't know if a 2.0 card would bottleneck hard. I'd prefer not to swap out the PS as this is only a temp measure until I can put together enough cash for another new PC!

I mostly play wow. Any suggestions for a decent card for my machine would be much appreciated.

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  1. since cash is an issue, you can get something like a ATI 4830. its, cheap, it will play WoW, you wont need a new PSU, and you could probably carry it over to a new build for a while.

    for less money, try the ATI 4670.
  2. Thank you for your reply! I apologize for not mentioning that I more of a nvidia guy :)

    How does this card look?


    Seems to have good reviews, good performance, and good price!

    It's a few steps up from mine. Will it bottleneck? Perhaps I should be looking at the 8800 ish cards?
  3. Expect to pay an extra $10-20 for Nvidia cards that equal ATI performance in the entry GPU market.
    the nvidia equivalent of the ATI 4830 is the 9800GT (aka 8800GT) and the ATI 4670 is the 9600GSO.

    The 9600GT will actually be a fine card for you also (such as the one you linked), its performance is in between that of the 9600GSO and the 9800GT.

    Will your CPU bottleneck these cards? yes. Check the CPU forum on how to overclock it.
  4. Great! I think i'll stop in after work and pick one up. Thanks again for all your help!
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