Can i overclock on this mobo ?

can this motherboard ASUS M4A87TD/USB3 handle with overclock PII x4 955 BE with increase multiplier rate ? and What Max Clock speed i can reach with overclock -Stable and safe- (without problem) ?

i have cooler Zalman CNPS 10x performa
G.Skill 2X2g bus 1600mhz
cooler master GX 650w
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  1. Hi.

    Why not? The mobos comes with good chipset for overclock plus you have a good cooler. I think that's possible. But if you want something better, a mobo with 890FX or 790FX chipset is the best option for overclock.

    Maybe you can hit the 4.2GHZ stable with a little work and patience and always that your temps stay at 55ºc or below, you are safe to go.
  2. if there any review or some one try that because

    i have choice between

  3. Not really, keep in mind that overclock isn't the same even if you have the same components that another person.

    If I where you, I'd go with the UD5. I know that is a little more that you needs, but is a high end mobo and gives you more quality for overclock that ASUS mobo.
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