1024 MB 9500GT or 512 MB HD2600 PRO

I leave my current company and they want their system back (I work from home). I want to buy a new system. Two systems I consider are completely the same but the only difference is VGA cards. 9500GT option is $50 more expensive. By the way this is not for gaming. It is for professional purposes to use at homeoffice, like print design, video editing or web design and programming. VGA cards are probably DDR2 as they did not mention. No brand for VGA mentioned either. Which one shall I choose? 1024 MB 9500GT or 512 MB HD2600 PRO? The system is:

AMD PHENOM X4 9600 2.3GHz 4 Çekirdekli 4MB Cache

ASUS 940 Pin DDR2 Gigabyte Lan +RAID 16X

Kingston 4096 MB 800MHz DDR2

500 GB Samsung Sata2

22X Double-layer DVD-RW

25 in 1 card reader

7.1 channel HD audio


ATI HD2600PRO (128Bit) SUPER 512MB AVIVO DX10 /

1024MB Ge-Force 9500GT SUPER 128Bit DX10
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  1. The GF9500GT is marginally better but not $50 better, especially for what you're using it for.

    And especially not when you can get a GF9600GSO pr HD4670 for $50 straight up in the US, both of which are better cards.

    For what you're doing I'd go with those two cards instead, they would offer more for anything that requires Ooomph (from a GPGPU perspective) and would have greater support for future-forward features.

    If you're stuck with just the two option above, IMO get the HD2600 and then buy something better later with the savings.
  2. Really thanks for your supportive reply. I certainly will buy a better card later
  3. well, how much are you spending, you might be able to put together something better for the same price
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