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So I have finally made my mind and I'm ready to posy my spec here... I've seen also that there are few other members here that made simmilar pc's...but I cant get hold on well I'm posting here :) The PC will be mainly for Graphic... 3D/2D/Animation/Modeling/Rendering/Etc etc But I also want to play some top end games in freetime... It might happen that I'm gona work on some games soon so I gotta be able to use the max of games too to test if all is ok...

Asus Serverboard Z8pe-d18

Its 1 of them... I cant make up my mind...

Intel Nehelem E5520 OR 5530 Depends..what you think I should take? (I also want to do some gamming in free time off 3D)

I got big problem with this 1...coz they quite expensive...wots better 3x4 GB or 6x2GB?
Crucial 12 GB kit

Graphic Card
Evga GTF 295

Well theres another problem... I read somewhere on forum that I cant use normal PSU for server boards with dual socket...they need specific line 12v or somethink lilke that...can any1 help me with this bit?

Western Digital RE3 500 GB 2x
I'm thinking of making them into RAID...but never did it before so <help>

Now the last part....Cooling...well I could invest from 100-200£ on 2 coolers for xeons... I'd like to do a lil tiny OC on them if the mobo gona let me... I want to reach 2.5-3ghz core speed to somethink I got now...(old q6600 that works easily on 3ghz and even 3.5 if I increase v)

well as you can see....I pick up these parts from random webs... so if you know any UK Shop that could get me this set I'd love u to the rest of my life....I spend 2 weeks on googling and pof...nothink.... :(

Thanx and bey
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