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For almost two years, I've been running an Intel Core Duo @ 2.66 in an ASUS P5B-VM DO motherboard inside a Silverstone SG01 case, with an Enermax Liberty ECO 400W PSU. I'm using the Silverstone NT-06 Lite CPU Cooler, which directly mounts under the PSU's cooling fan to channel out the excess heat from the case.

For the most part, the system has been running without issue, but over the past week, every time I've rebooted the PC, I receive the following message from the AMI BIOS on POST:

CPU Over Voltage!
Press F1 to Resume

Pressing the <F1> allows me to boot without issue, and the system runs without any problems.

A couple of additional noites:
- I'm not overclocking, and have not modified any of the BIOS settings.
- The CPU/Case has not been moved or altered in any way.
- All of the other components are the ones originally installed when I built the system; an EVGA NVidia GeForce 9500 GT, and a pair of Crucial Balistic 1GB DIMMs

With this in mind, I would appreciate any advice or answers on the following:
- Is this POST message indicative of any pending or imminent motherboard failure?
- How can I resolve or correct this problem if this is not a major issue?

Thank you in advance for your time and help..
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  1. Well isn't the Asus warranty 3 years, I suspect something has taken a dump and even if it's just the sensor it could be something else.
    By the way what does bios say voltage to cpu or cpunb is and using a software to measure after boot what does that say.
  2. Hi, roonj;

    Thanks for the follow-up. I really appreciate it.

    I'll post back this weekend to let you know on the CPU voltage reading. Additionally, ASUS called back and suggested that I reset/clear the CMOS as well to see if it resolves the problem as well.

    Again, many thanks...
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