1090t issue??

I have an AMD 1090t CPU with an ASUS M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G motherboard, and an H50 cooler.

Everytime I unlock the 6th core randomly keeps shutting off, and also when I unlock the cores and overclock it (via bios) the CPU temp sensor stops working and stays at 0c, I don't want to overclock if I don't have the temp..

Any ideas at what is going on? I want to overclock, but I dont like all the issues and especially not being able to see my cpu temperature (by the way, in Prime95 it wont go above 42c on a 24 hr test)

any ideas?

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  1. Why are you trying to unlock cores?I thought the 1090T natively supports 6 cores.Turn off the core unlocker and make sure all of the cores are enabled.

    Download HWMonitor that should give you all your temps.

    What speed are you at and what have you pushed it to?
  2. If you have a real hex core processor, then there should be nothing to unlock. If you have a different processor but are unlocking the extra cores, it's not guaranteed to work. In those scenarios, the cores are locked for a reason, mainly due to the fact that they don't work properly.
  3. The 1090T is a 6 core processor.Their are no processors that unlock to 6 cores except the 970/975 x4's but they are server processors.
  4. That's why I was saying if he had a real hex core. I know the Phenom II x6 line is hex cores. The entire "x6" part is a dead giveaway in my opinion...
  5. oh, I was under the impression that they needed to be "unlocked" to overclock. I didn't realize I could OC with "locked" cores, but I did and it works. thanks
  6. What speed is your CPU at?
  7. the 1090T doesn't unlock to a Hexacore, it is natively a Hexacore.

    You do not need to set your Advance Calibration to Auto, keep it off.
    Also keep Unlock Cores/PF to Disabled, with these two on your temperature for the cores is 0C. Open Core Temp and check to see if you have all of your cores there.

    Don't overclock too high, i hear the H50 isn't very good.

    I have a 1090T also, stock speed should be 3.2Ghz. I will overclock today and let you know how it goes, i also want to know how yours go as well.
  8. purple stank said:
    What speed is your CPU at?

    stock it's 3.2 , but I got it up to 3.7 stable @ 54c
  9. What was ur voltage at 3.7?
    What type of fans and configuration do you have on the H50?
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