QUESTION: Transfer RAID 0 Stripe to New Build

Hey. Had a quick question. I have a Dell XPS 720 which may have just crapped out on me, black screen on startup and monitor light blinks like it's in sleep mode. Everything sounds like it boots normally, but the GPU fan never throttles down from 100% so I think that it's probably a GPU problem. I don't have a spare GPU to test that theory at the moment so I'm pursuing additional options until I'm able to test that theory.

My question is this...the XPS 720 has 2 x 180GB HDDs in a RAID 0 Stripe configuration. There are some files that I would like to get off of that HDD in the event that I'm not able to solve the black screen problem. I would like to install that HDD into a new build that I'm thinking about doing. I've done some google searching but a lot of the information is from a couple of years ago and on obscure forums. Is it possible to transfer a RAID 0 to a new system if the new board doesn't have an identical RAID controller? The Dell came with a purely custom MOBO and I'm not sure if I will be able to find one on retail that will match the current controller. I'm looking at an i7-2600k system so my future MOBO will obviously be an 1155. I also want to use a SSD for my Windows 7 OS, would that help to make the transfer easier? Are there any programs or hardware now that would allow me to install a clean system and then hook up the HDs aftwerwards to rip info from them?

Thanks for any suggestions or information you might provide, it is very much appreciated!
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  1. That RAID array is married to that system. Do you get any other signs of life out of the system when turning it on? lights on the keyboard, HDD activity light? etc?

    Unfortunately putting these drives into another system and trying to access the array might cause data corruption and you'll loose it all anyway.

    If you _NEED_ that info, you'll have to try to get this computer working.
  2. I get all of the normal signs of life at startup. CPU clicks, HD spins, Optical drives spin, fans spin, keyboard light turn on I just get no image on my screen. Monitor light blinks like it's in sleep mode and the GPU fan never throttles down from %100.

    I figured that was the case with the HDDs. The info is just some pictures of my son. I had put off backing them up for too long apparently. :/

    Thank you for the reply and verifying what I thought about the RAID array, unfortunate as it may be.
  3. One last thing to try, pull everything from the computer - any adapter cards that aren't necessary, all but one memory stick, only keyboard, mouse and monitor plugged into the back and see if you can get the computer to boot so you can get those files. If you still get no video signal, beg / borrow / or otherwise acquire a video card for the same purpose, get those pictures (I have two boys and I know how valuable they are).
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