Best RTS game, anyone?

What is your favorite or best RTS (Real Time Stretegy) game in your opinion? I have to vote for Starcraft eventough it is quite old. It always give me excellent feeling of build, search, and destroy. Involve so many tactics you can imagine of and well balance races & technology ^-^

Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
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  1. I'm in a toss-up between Aoe2 and Red Alert 2.
    I think the only thing that brings Aoe2 out of the tie is the fact that I can cheat like UUUGGGHHH! in it. None of the cheats for Red Alert 2 work for me.....
  2. I can say that the best RTS by RTS gamers(as you know opinion of games wirths more than anything) on mulitplayer (now it is GameSpyArcade) the BEST RTS is Worlords Battle Cry, it has over 4 races, MANY buidlings and AWESOME(little cartoony) graphics, better than Aoe2 and Red Alert graphics, it has a part as Role PLaying game too, u must have a hero and learn spells or abilities, gain levels but it IS RTS, the only bad thing is that each race has only about 8 units, but in all it is over 50 different kinds of (WITHOUT upgrades, cuz with it will be over 100)untits. I LOVE the game, music is awesome! Gameplay is amazing too, I think it is the best RTS out there (opinion), but if you like pure RTS - it is not for you(RolePLaying parts), it is very enjoyable anyway!
  3. I am genuinely against Starcrap, no offence to anyone.

    Total Annihilation, being more then 4 years old is THE best RTS game :)
    I am a die hard fan, even though Cavedog was cowardly sold and then closed.

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  4. Yeah, I'd have to agree. Starcraft was good single-player, but it had horrible multiplayer, even considering when it was released. If you could simply change the difficulty settings on the AI, it'd make a huge difference.
    My vote goes to Red Alert (for all time), and currently Red Alert 2.

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  5. Actually the new patch of Starcraft make AI become much more intelligent (I guess you hate AI of the Starcraft because it is too crappy). It's getting more aggressive and have varying tactics. I'm actually getting bore with the Starcraft too but cannot bare playing the total annihilation anymore (I don't really like the graphic). AOE2 is probably the next game I'm thinking for RTS. Perhap the next best thing for RTS will be WarcraftIII and Age of Myth ^-^

    I like Warlord Battle Cry too but it's seem to be too slow (I only play the demo so I don't really get the game feeling). But the game have nice graphic + heroes are cool.

    Nvidia or ATI, it's all depend on what you like and system optimization :lol:
  6. I have to agree, Warlords Battlecry is my favorite RTS... I just got the game and it is great. Starcraft is #2. Warlords gets #1 due to the Character development in the game. The Role Playing aspects make the game seem much more worthwhile than Starcraft ever could be. One complaint about Warlords though... Its hard.
  7. I played a game called...Amulets & Armor or something like that that was pretty cool. I only had the demo. Bad graphics, and the gameplay wasn't very good, but it combined a FPS and RPG devently well. You could keep money and gems in the levels, and spend it at shops for weapons, armor, etc. between the levels.

    Apple? Macintosh? What are these strange words you speak?
  8. Wonna hint? make your own map with editor and make MAX enemy heroes (well choose a hero before that, a VERY good choice is Archmage nad Assassin) and put everything to hard and creat a HUGE a army for yourself, that is what I did and now my hero is level 3 archamge and OH MY he kicks ass, I also have level 17 assassin (one touch - you dead). It will take you A LONG TIME to reack level 33 and until don't even hink about playing on GameSpArcade - guys there have lvl 50 heroes and very good at it. You should remeber it is RTS and it is not like MAKE A HUGE ARMY OF MOST EXPENSIVE UNITS AND ATTACK, you should use tactics! I think there are about as much spells as in BG2 (a little less). I know many ppl who liked it but because of the difficulties stopped playing, but not me! I beat the game but I'm not good at it, ppl with whom I play online kick my AS* easy and quick!
  9. Starcraft is the best.

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  10. Im sorry but I have to say Sacrifice. Beautiful, imaginative, great characters, non linear plot lines, RPG elements... its amazing. I now know why Blizzard changed WC3, it was turning into a worse Sacrifice!
    Great game.. and yes it IS a RTS game!

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  11. I've played a game called Faces of War since it was released by Ubisoft in November 2006. It's a World War II Real Time Strategy game with many realistic elements e.g when you have a tank you can disembark the tank crew from the tank and man a cannon. You also need to fill the vehicles with gas and ammounition to drive and shoot with them. You can customize a individual soldier with arms, armor and grenades that you can find from a armoury or dead allied/enemy troops. Both the graphics and physics are amazing, almost all the terrian are destroyable. There's even a "Direct Control Mode" where you can control your selected unit, walk with the arrow keys, aim and shoot with your mouse! Faces of War is simply awesome, it has everything in a single game! I totally recommend any RTS/RTT player buying it, you can buy it cheap on amazon for 30 bucks. I'm giving Faces of War a solid 10/10.
    If you like this game, maybe you will like these: Company of Heroes (2006), Codename Panzers series (2004-) and Theatre of War series (2007-)

    /a Face of War
  12. ^^^^^

    this is from 2001 why would you comment honestly?
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