I have a netgear router and there is no network nor is there a security number unless you have to open the back of the router and look there...which I really dont want to do because I am really afraid that it will mess up my router...so could you help me find the wep key? my e-mail address is angelbl390@aol.com
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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by open the back of the router.

    You can access the router setup screens via your browser by putting the IP address of the router in the browser's address bar, then supply the setup screen Username and Password. All this information will be in the setup guide which came with the router or you can download the manual from the maker's support website.

    Once in you will be able to view or change the wireless security password. WEP is less secure than WPA so that would be a better choice if all your equipment supports it.
  2. A wep key is a passphrase you use to log onto an encryped network..

    Do you mean you need to find your MAC address or something else..?

    If you are looking literally for a wepkey, you won't find it ON the router.. It will be in the settings..

    You can google the name of your router and the default admin username/passwords.. If you forgot all that etc, you can hard reset your router, and THEN use the defaults..

    In the setup, you can set up a wep key if you want there..

    If you are looking for a phsyical ID number on the router somewhere.. it SHOULD be on the bottom via a sticker, if not, not sure what to tell you!
  3. Also, you can try to type in for starters in a browser and see if you can connect to the interface.. it might already not have a password on it..
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