Vista takes forever to install

I just built a new machine.(Specs at bottom) and it
takes forever to install vista ultimate, after booting to the cd it takes 10 min before i get a prompt to choose an option/enter data....but as soon as it starts to install it goes super fast.Is this normal? I also need a tool to check to see if the ssd and processor are performing properly.

Intel i7 920 2.66
intel ssd drive 80gb
ASUS P6T Deluxe V2
6gb of ram 1600 (3x channel)
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  1. One thing I have noticed and I am not sure if it really makes a difference is just to move the mouse around after it boots and just spins... I have installed Vista on alot of computers, and it doesn't always take that long.
  2. Update your Bios.

    P6T Deluxe V2 0406 BIOS

    1. Fixed the key may lag in BIOS setup when a Turbo Mode ratio was selected.
    2. Supported EIST function when CPU ratio is in manual mode.
    3. Adjusted max value of CPU ratio setting according to the number of cores active in BIOS setup.
    4. Fixed setup item "CPU Ratio Setting" may disappear if down CPU ratio.
    5. Fixed Vista may loading slowly when populated memory size is larger than 3GB and with high-end VGAs.
  3. Yes this is normal for some motherboards and some configurations, what I think is happening is that the Vista install program is trying to sort out the computers resources i.e. IRQ, DMA and memory and is not very smart about it, trying every combination to avoid conflict.
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