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I want to know the read and write speed of " Patriot X Porter Mini.
I am having problems with the speed of the newer high capacity flash drives.
I use a flash drive instead of C: Drive as I have a computer, at home, at my workplace and in my car.
I had no problems when I could fit my data on to a 1 or 2 G drive as they operated at over 30 KB/s for read and over 15 for write.
I have bought a16 G Kingston and found is to slow to open files quik enough to respond to my customers on the phone.
When I asked for advise at the computer shop, I was told the slow speed was because it was 16 G.
I then bought a 8 G Kingstone and had the same result.
In my frustration i got hold of benchmarking software and found that both the the kingstones were performing at lessthan 18 KB/s for reading and less than 8 for writing.
I then tested all my old small capacity flash drives and found they were performing at over 33 KB/s for reading and 16 for writing.
I have been advised that the Patriot X Porter Mini will meet my requirements.
Unfotunately the manufacturers don't supply specs on thier web sites and you can't bench test before you buy.
Do I waist more money on trying again?
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  1. not sure of what you mean by "5" is that both read and write in MB/sec.
    If so it must be the worst I have come across.
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