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i am wanting to convert my Mpc transport x1000 laptop to water cooling for when i play graphic intensive games at home and was wondering if i could build my own CPU cooling block or would it be better to just buy one
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  1. i'm not sure how much performance gain you will get if you are gonna overclock the cpu on a laptop. building a specialized cooling rig for a laptop IMO is not worth it. why can't you just build a desktop? you have a mobility ati radeon 9000 with a single core 2.4ghz intel celeron processor from the specs that i can find. i don't think that the laptop is worth putting a single penny into it. you can probably find a much better laptop w/ gpu for a pretty cheap price if you ( for some reason) have only space for a laptop.
  2. i was givin this laptop and was hoping to use it as a test subjuct until i can gather enought money for either a desktop or a nother laptop
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