P5KPL-AM cannot boot from USB


I have posted on the ASUS forums as well as on another hardware site, but I have gotten no good responce. Hopefully someone here may know something.

I am having trouble booting a Windows 7 USB on my P5KPL-AM motherboard. I have verified the USB drive by testing it on two other computers. I have also tried two different versions of Windows 7, work on other two computers, but not this one. What happens is once I boot from the USB it loads the Windows files and goes to the background with the mouse pointer present. The menu to select installation type never loads. See image below:


On the other two computers it did load and the installation process worked.

I upgraded my BIOS to 0518 (latest) and installed it using the EZ Flash utility. The computer still does not get past screen 1 I described above. You can see some of my settings below:



For emulation type, only HDD and Auto work, everything else refuses to boot. HDD and Auto, however, just lead to screen 1.

What I have tried:

- FAT32 and NTFS USB, works on both two other computers, but not on this one.
- Create boot USB both with UltraISO program and manually creating boot sector and copying files, works on both two other computers, but not on this one.
- ACPI mode S3 and Auto, no change in results.
- ACPI 2 Enabled, no change in result.
- PnP Aware OS: On/Off, no change in result with either.
- Unplug mouse, no change.

P.S. I don't have a DVD drive or media so that is out of the question.
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  1. USB boot from what i have seen has never been 100% - you can try enabling and disabling legacy mode, usb 1/2 modes and updating the bios but at the end of the day its never going to be 100%, hell even network booting has till this day never been 100% unless you have a realtek 8139 card and the boot disk/cd
  2. hi

    I'm from Egypt and i have the same motherboard

    i read ur question and was trying 2 install win 7 also

    but when i try it from the flash the same things happened

    it stops at the same step of ur's (img # 1)

    i left it and open my notebook and searched again and i took a lot of time

    suddenly while i'm searching i found it completing the steps

    and i realized at last that the pc didn't stop but it only had so so long

    no one knows may be u didnt wait

    N.B: i didnt update the motherboard at all

    if u wanna contact me


    Thanx a lot
  3. I am having the same problem. Any sollutions? I'll try the legecy mode thing, will that work using usb to boot?
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