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Script or exe to move XP D&C, Prog files, Temp, etc to another volume and/or

For the past five years I have been laboriously moving the Win XP documents and settings, program files, Temp files, Temp internet files, and Pagefile.sys to different partitions, and reducing XP in size to get speed and reduce the difficulties of security.

When the latest versions of Tiny XP and Micro XP became available I used them, and made my own additions with nLite. Because I am 72 now, this has become difficult for me. My short term memory has had problems. I no sooner think somethings than it is forgotten--a typical problem of aging.

So, I am looking for a script to provide me with the ability to do this by selecting the drives and partition sizes, creating and formatting them (NTFS) installing XP with the before mentioned sections moved--by selecting the partition (volume actually) or directory from a question window.

Please, I have had many tell me this is not possible, but I have been doing it for five years now and I do not use junctions or the like, so please don't provide that advice.

If anyone can help it would be appreciated. I assist a large family that does not have ability and I need to reduce my time now that I am older, have cancer and am fully disabled.
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  1. You can use the partition cloning software like Norton's, usually named disk cloning, which will copy a partition onto another completely and accurately. All you'd need to do is make the new partition "BOOT" and the old one removed from boot but "Active".
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