Low read perfomance (atto benchmark) & when TRIM works

1) I am posting my atto benchmarks and i am wondering why so low read perfomance for my 2 Western digital WD750OAADS at 0.5, 1 & 2 than my WD20EARS

Please take a look

2) i got a vertex 2 60gb 6 days ago and i installed w7 plus programs as adobe photoshoop, illustrator, etc.
Can you please tell me when the TRIM works? only if i log off or even if i leave the pc open and idle

Thank you very much

WD750OAADS (1)

WD750OAADS (2)

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  1. What motherboard are you using?
    What SATA ports are you using?
    Are you running in AHCI mode?
    Are your Intel SATA Raid drivers up to date?
    Did you let the Win7 install format the drive or did you format it before you installed?
    Have you done any of the SSD tweaks?
    Do you need to or have you updated the firmware?
    What firmware does it have?
  2. As far as I know it only works when you are logged off.
  3. asus p7p55d evo
    ssd=port 0, WD750OAADS (1)=port 1, WD750OAADS (2)=port 2, WD20EARS=port 3, asusdvd+sonydvdrw=port 4 & 5
    yes achi
    yes the latest rst
    i dont remember, i think i let w7 formated the ssd or else i did a quick format at the time of the w7 installation process
    disabled defrag, drive index, superfetch, restore points
    no i didnt , i have 1.27 firmware

    thank you for the logoff info, i am gonna use it
    here is my ssd atto bench

    is perfectdisk 11 a good program for analyzing ssd etc?

    p.s still wondering about the 2 green caviar.......
  4. Sorry I thought you were talking about the SSD.
    Have the WD's been defraged lately?
    The second WD looks ok but the first and the last are a little low.
    Do either of them have any S.M.A.R.T errors?
    Try HDtune for the WD drives and see what you come up with.
    Dont use it on the SSD it is hard on them, it is just for conventional HDD's.
  5. ok. thanks. i will try hd tune. the 750gb drives are reformated before 2 weeks and defraged with auslogics disk defrag and perfectdisk 11
  6. Let me know how it goes.
  7. i dont no why but hdtune is crushes all the time.......................... nevermind these 3 hd's are only for storage and i dont really care about the perfomnace but i was only wondering......... nevertheless i bought the 2 of them almost a year now and the 2tb some months ago... so they have plenty warranty (3 years i think the wd gives for each)... if they gonna crash i will simply use the warranty...
    thanks D1RTYJU1C3 for ur time
  8. No problem. Sorry to hear that you coldnt get it to work you could always try crystal diskmark if you are really worried about it. Like you said they are just storage drives so as long as they dont have any major smart failures you should be fine.
    If they are still under warranty and you are really that worried about it I would go ahead and warranty them.

    Sorry I couldnt be more help, I have never owned either one of those drives so i cant really compare. All I know is that my 1TB seagate benches about the same as your wd750oaads(2).
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