Waiting for the next generation drive to finish my build

I am waiting for the next generation from OCZ to finish build

1.mobo: AUSU P67 sabertooth( can not wait for EVGA board now)


3.video card:EVGA GTX570

4.RAM:Cosair Vengeance 2*4GB 1600MHZ (already bought it at price 84 bucks with newegg deal,isn't that nice?)

5.SSD:pending,will wait for OCZ,although just found the Cosair sata3 came out,Cosair is a qualified producer,but I will go for OCZ because of their focus on SSD,unless OCZ does not make it available next month)

6.HDD:it never matters.

7.case Lian li 70F (179.99) full tower,aluminum,4 fans (all I need)
71F seems nice too,but it is 50 bucks more expensive and I can not find its advantage on 70F on newegg.

8.power: Cosair professional 1200W.(may change to 850w cosair)
Maybe later I will SLI two 570,so..
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  1. SATA III or PCI-e based?

    Article I read yesterday indicated OCZ SATA III based models aren't expected to be available until May. Corsair Performance 3 SATA III ssd's are already available at newegg.com. Intel is expected to release their new 510 SATA III ssd's next month. Not sure about Crucial.
  2. May....wtf..I will check intel if their speeds are close to 450 read./300 write or just go for Cosair if I have no choice
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