Rename HDD?... not the drive letter.

Doing some house keeping..... Using Win7 64 bit.

Somehow I managed to change the (C:) drive name and "avatar" during a OS install. It now has the Zune logo and is named Zune Setup. Ive right clicked and renamed it in "My Computer" but it reverts back to Zune. And I have no idea how to change the picture to a clipart HDD. Also, I am the admin.
In Disk Management it has the correct name. Go figure.

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  1. In windows explorer you can select the C drive, right-click and rename it. But I have no idea how to change the icon for a HDD. Changing an icon for a folder, you select the folder, right-click, select the "Customize" tab, then press the "Change icon" button, select the icon you want, press the "Apply" button, and press the "OK" button.
  2. I know you can do this with an autorun.inf file in the root of the hard drive.

    Create a text file named autorun.inf in the root of your hard drive (or replace the one that's probably there giving you these troubles) (actually, just delete the one that's there, and it will be normal)

    If you wanted to completely customize it to your desires, put this in your autorun.inf
    icon= <name of icon file>
    label=<drive name>
  3. Here is what is in the autorun file:

    label="Zune Setup"

    What is "shellexecute"? I dont want to delete the file until I know thats not going to leave me hanging in the wind. (Obviously I dont mess with these files very much.)

    I am assuming from what you wrote that it will automatically create a new file if it is just deleted?
  4. It won't automatically create a new one, it'll just use the default naming/icon of the drive. The shellexcecute runs startzune.exe on startup. I don't know what that does or if you need it.

    If you want to have a custom name/icon for your drive, just replace the autorun.inf with your own custom info. If you want startzune.exe to run as it does now, then leave that line in your custom one.

    If you just want a default name/icon for your drive, just delete the autorun.inf. If you want startzune.exe to run on startup, make a shortcut to startzune.exe, and put it in your startup folder (start Menu->startup).

    Of course, if in the root of your hard drive there is no startzune.exe, then that line doesn't matter at all.
  5. Thanks scotu.

    I ended up just deleting the file. Once I did that I was able to go to My Computer, right click on the C: drive and rename it.
    The icon went back to the normal HDD clipart. So the autorun file was blocking the right click action. Rebooted and everything including the Zune software is good.
  6. Glad you got it sorted out!
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