Overclock Power Saver

Would this work with a Phenom X6?

i have a 790FX which goes into the requirements.

Loading Windows with Bios overclocked to 4.0ghz but still have Power Savings?

underclock to 800mhz frequency when pc is not doing loads. (use less voltages)

Which programs?
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  1. So are you unstable at 4ghz wtih cool and quiet enabled??

    Cause if not, and you have cool and quiet enabled, your cpu already throttles down when it's not under load.
  2. Oh right i totally forgot about cool and quiet.

    usually always turned that off because it helps with system stability.

    So if i did the method done in my link, would it basically be as equal as enabling amd cool and quiet?

    would it affect my stability at all between the two?
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    With 4GHz stable, you can turn on Cool'n'Quite and C1E, both does the work that you need.

    Or you can use this: custom Cool'n'Quite.
  4. ^

    Thanks !

    What is C1E?
  5. C1E is another "power saver" option that work reducing the CPU multiplier when your CPU isn't in load.
  6. ah so i should oc then get it stable first before turning that option on.

    Thanks again saint.
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