How to delete automatically temporary files in windows xp

i have a some problem,

i wont to delete temporary files automatically in my PC. already i have a windows xp. i got like this

first line...
CD c:\documents and settings\users\local settings
second line...
Rmdir /s /q temp

and save as a .bat file and paste a copy to windows start up folder. it will be automatically delete temporary files in windows start up. it's working correctly. but it's not to be delete directory in temporary folder. it will be delete complete temporary folder. but it's working correctly in windows 7 & vista. i already tried to stop that in windows xp. but difficult fix that. i don't have a idea. if u can help me fix that.
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  1. Use the built in disk cleanup program.
  2. I think he wants the pleasure of creating it himself. It's more satisfying . Trust me, I know! :D

    Does these help?
  3. yes, i got it..
    i already some changed in that to easy....
    it's working correctly...

    make a .bat file use this command.......

    CD %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings
    rmdir /s /q temp

    rmdir /s /q temp

    this is for windows xp....

    CD %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings
    rmdir /s /q temp

    rmdir /s /q temp

    this is for windows vista & 7

    thank for all of u for helped me.....
    check this and comment what about that....
  4. That's good to hear! :hello:

    I usually create batch files to run my old 90's games directly and not opening the Dosbox (emulator mainly for old games) all the time(because i need different settings for different games) and adjust it to the game needs ... So, instead of opening Dosbox and therefore cmd ,go to the game, add options by command (like U usually do in cmd), I only set stuff once in the batch file. And run the *.bat file every time I want to play that certain game.
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