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Hey everyone, I've recently purchased an SSD for my boot drive and I've already done quite a lot of reading, but I seem to just find more and more information so I just want to make sure I've covered the important steps to make sure my SSD is running as fast as possible.

-Updated motherboard bios
-Updated SSD firmware
-Switched to AHCI, then installed win7
-Updated chipset drivers
-ensured that TRIM was on/active

is there anything I am missing? Is NCQ something that is automatically 'on' if your mobo/chipset supports it, or do I need to manually enable it?
Should I download the intel ssd toolbox, or does TRIM make that unnecessary?
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  1. tecmo34, who is one of the veterans here, wrote an article describing how to tweak Windows 7 for use with a solid state drive. The article won 1st prize in a contest at, which is a sister site of Tom's Hardware.

    Here is the link to the article:

    Here is a link to the news article announcing the contest winners:,news-9864.html

    VERY IMPORTANT - Read the comments below the announcement. Steps 6, 8, 11, in tecmo34's article might need to be changed a little bit.
  2. Thanks for the nod JohnnyLucky!!!

    Part 6: I've read other references stating 4GB is the cut off but all recommend monitoring your usage before doing so. I don't disagree with Tom's article to a point & moving to a different drive is an option :)

    Parts 8 & 11: I've reviewed what I did, a couple other similar "tweak" pages and all seem to confirm what I've listed is correct.
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