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hi all, i have an HP DV1600 Series laptop, i am having issues with the sound not comming out of the built in speakers, audio drivers are correct and updated, headphone jacks work fine, the only time i get audio out the speakers is for a split second when i unplug the headphones, i am running windows 7 rc build 7100, any ideas?, i know the speakers work cause i get sound for a second, i know drivers are fine cause i get sound from jacks, any help would be great, thanks in advance
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  1. nevermind, something happened, i opened up media center and with the sample audio it started making sound out 1 of the speakers, then both afer 20-30 seconds, weird?! but now all audio is working, even after i shut media center down, maybe just hasnt been used in a wile, speakers had to warm up or something, lol
  2. well back to them not working, please help
  3. i am now running vista again, all vista drivers installed from hp's site, i even went into device manager and updated each item 1 by 1, still same issue, so must be harware, wondering, if the headphone jacks think something is pluged in when there isnt, would it cause this problem? if so, how would i go about fixing it? or cleaning it out? thanks
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