Silicon Graphite Transistors .28nm vs .32nm Germanium

Wonder what the Overclock to in an IGLOO in IceLand/GreenLand/Alaska? Besides 155GHZ vs. 300GHZ, Graphite Looks more of the Chilled Metal than Germanium Beginning Principles 19TH CE vs. 19TH CE! Where are those futuristic Star Wars/Star Trek/Microprose XCom Metals?

Intel is known for Depreciating CPU Microproccessors w. Level Cache/Branch Prediction Optimizations/Die shrinking of Architectures before AMD/Cross Licensing Tech!

What if the World Turned Upside Down, and Intel Had the Fastest Transistors and CPU Speed? After all of those years of hard R&D to make up for not having the strongest metal they would be able to take a break for a while with that kinda of tech edge, only 1 move away!

Would their be more Liberal Democratic Movements vs. Radical Conservationists Green Energy Savings? To me both political programs blend in America! I'd go with the Double Vote Partisan!

Question is Who Do China and the Middle East Invest in America and Vote For at Fund Raisers!
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  1. are you high on something?
  2. Hey Keep the DUDE where's my card Q's for the dude asking about Where to buy Liquid Nitrogen, a few posts down! You Realize that .32nm Germanium is 2004 and its 2011 and someone has .28nm just doesn't surpass 300GHZ, but maybe handles the chill better with liquid cooling!
  3. Germanium is Hard to Freeze at .32nm ,and you can keep overclocking with die shrinks to keep its heat index hot, when used with Liquid Nitrogen to Avoid Freezing the Proccessor in a Statis Shield! IT seems to me that silicon graphite is easier to repair with the cold & freon Kinda looks to me like auto repairable Space Armor Potential which remind me of Star Trek Online Borg! Question is doesn't AMD have Access to 300GHz with IBM! At 155GHZ top speed you need a faster Architecture to compete with 300GHZ! Also Read that Technotium Transistors hit 700GHZ which Sounds D.O.D. by today's standards!
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