Thermalright silver arrow dell xps 7100


Does anyone know if I can use the silver arrow in my xps 7100?
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  1. Nope it has a top mounted psu and i doubt it's even wide enough for a 160mm tall cooler.
  2. Good choice of CPU Fan, but i don't think that case is going to cut it.

    Might hit the top of the case of be clumped in by ram or back-fan.

    A Hyper 212 Plus should do good for you though.
  3. are xps' bioses even unlocked for overclocking? i'm pretty sure they aren't
  4. True that stock mb is locked... do i still need a better cooling fan for my 1090t then? What if I run it in turbo core? Do I still need one? If Silver Arrow won't fit, which one would u guys recommend? Is Noctua NH-D14 120mm & 140mm SSO CPU Cooler a good one? Will it fit?
  5. don't bother replacing the heatsink the regular one is fine even with turbo core
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