DG45ID Mother Board Audio Driver IDT 6224 v1.78 Facing Problems

Hello everyone...

i am using DG45ID motherboard... and i use all OS including Vista and Windows 7. i updated ma audio driver two days ago... till that time, before making the update, i was using the mic in my Front Panel and it worked like a charm in all OS - XP, vista and Win 7. After that update ma rear mics are only detected... front panel mics are not working, i tried reconnecting them in the front panel.. finally, it get's hanged..

Does anyone face the same problem :(

Plzz help...

Thank you..
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  1. I notice problems with my M2N32-Vista Prem Ed MB, when I use the front port on my Tower it sometimes work and sometimes dont. So I started to just use the back ports. You might want to try that and see what happens.
  2. Do you also use the same Audio driver IDT latest update?? V 1.78 6224??
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