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Hi I am normally in the graphics section but I have a few question about the block used in this system and how high that it sits above the board when installed. This system is particularly attractive for a modding project considering the lack of kits available only for gpu cooling. Right now I am thinking of buying one and modding one of the brackets along with some scrap to make an adapter plate to mount the block onto my gtx 460 as I can't use standard tri slot air coolers. $100 is cheap if it works and saves me from the need to purchase a new card due to the crappy stock cooler that Gigabyte used. If it does not I'll dump it on my p2 x4 820 and enjoy it that way.

What info that I need is block dimensions and height. Height above the board when installed. Weight doesn't matter ;)
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  1. This I would love to see.
    Don't have one but the Corsair site says the block is 30mm thick.
  2. I love to see DIY mods...keep us updated. Sorry that I don't have the info for you off-hand, but I want to see what comes of this project. :)

    (Thinking of PS3 watercooling mods since they really don't have any blocks for the Slim...this could be a possibility outside of finding universal blocks to work.)

    Edit: Here is what I found on the Corsair FAQ page:

    What are the dimensions of the pump/CPU block on the H70?
    Height: 30mm
    Diameter: 74mm
  3. Well I got to thinking that I have a few ways of mounting the block onto the card. If the bracket that comes with it sits to close to the slot then I could make one that goes over the block using two bay covers (yea I know :s ) and use it that way. I figured out a place to put the rad and there is room. Who knows buy two lol and one the other to cool my cpu if this all works out.

    Is that 30mm the height of the block or the diameter?
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    It appears the height is 30mm and width is 74mm...which seems about right.

    3cm high, 7.4cm wide.
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  6. Normally don't like digging up dead things, made an exception
  7. Nice...always wondered why more people didn't go this route and mod an LCS to a GPU...or maybe they have and just aren't posting ...?

    Pretty cool...I remember when this thread was active and thinking 'this sounds like a mod someone would do...there has to be a link somewhere'...and now we have at least 1.
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