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Hey guys, I am on a really tight budget (like less than $1,000) and I want to build a gaming PC that could play games like GTA4 and Crysis (recent games). Due to my tight budget I could not conceive any build that was less than $1,000 and still had the features that I wanted (Nice gaming keyboard/mouse, monitor, wifi, nice case with excellent ventilation like the Antec 900, blu-ray). I saw a great deal on a PC from Cnet that advertised a Quad-core HP Desktop PC refurbished from e-Cost for about $600. It features a quad-core AMD processor, 6GB of RAM, a 750GB hard drive, a 512MB GeForce 9800GT graphics card, a TV tuner, and 802.11n wireless connectivity. I was planning to purchase this, as well as an Antec 900 case and power supply (cnet says that there is an overheating problem with this model and I still want the PC to feel like it is custom) , a monitor (the cheapest widescreen I find on newegg), a good mouse/keyboard (OCZ behemoth mouse/Sateik keyboard), and (possibly) a Blu-ray drive. Well, what do you guys think? Will my build work? Will it do what I want it to do? Do I need a new graphics card? Thanks in advance for all your advice. Here are the links to everything mentioned above. Cnet article (;title ). e-Cost page ( ).
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  1. I wouldn't expect to play Crysis with every video setting cranked, but it should do a half-decent job. If you can muster the cash, upgrade the video card to a Radeon HD 4890
  2. Thanks The Prophecy but do you think that my plan is a good idea?
  3. You would probably get more bang for your buck just building it yourself instead of a refurbished one. What settings do you plan on playing Crysis at and what resolution. Do you want to PLAY Crysis or do you want Crysis to be pretty? You can PLAY it with that rig.
  4. Pre-built pc's are best at the low end. I suspect that you will be disappointed.
    For gaming, you want a good vga card It takes a good psu to support one. Pre-built usually includes the minimum required for the original configuration.
    By the time you add in all the parts you need to replace, you would be better off with your own build.

    As an exercise, inventory the parts you would keep, and sum up the used cost of them(check e-bay). If it exceeds $600, then good, go ahead.
  5. I have one of many rules...

    Dont buy refurbished, ESPECIALLY... high end.
    (One of the many reasons why is you dont know where its been and gone through. I dont even trust those that refurbish it.)

    But thats just me.
  6. The CPU in this refurbished pc is probably a Phenom I...low clocked as will also have a locked motherboard which means no overclocking except via clockgen or setfsb...its not worth it at the least as the 9800gt is a horrible card for your needs especially if your using a resolution above 1440x900 or 1280x1024...

    I suggest you skip what you don't need don't need a bluray can work and get a bluray drive any day right? it would be a better choice imo to get a good case and psu...a good cpu and motherboard....get a motherboard that supports crossfire and start out with a 4770 and crossfire later IF your resolution is below 16xx/1xxx if its higher you will need a stronger card...ANY cheap keyboard and mouse...a decent monitor and just got with all of that bluray drive down the me you will regret buying a cheap cpu and motherboard/video card just to watch to watch a damned movie...
  7. But since i will be using a 19' Monitor, do I really need an insane graphics card? It seems that you guys are recommending that I simply build a new PC, do you have any ideas on ways that I can save money building a high-end PC for less then $1,000?
  8. If your on a 19" than a SINGLE cheap 4850 or 4770 would do GREAT...and im sure someone can recommend you a stronger build than what you have linked to above as well as allowing you bios overclocking features and a hell of a lot better quality parts than the pos hp slaps into your system....
  9. You might look at anandtech's system buyer's guide of april 7:
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