How to disable usb in windows xp without mouse

large networke usbstorage devices disable to windows xp os
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  1. nijupc said:
    large networke usbstorage devices disable to windows xp os

    You can do it in bios setup, but it disables all USB.

    Why are you trying to do it without a mouse ?
  2. Just apply a registry fix to disable the usb devices, rather than disabling the legacy and usb2.0 devices in the BIOS. Create a login script that will disable this feature. We do it all the time here at work.

    Then just make sure noone can run Gpedit from the control panel, disable the registry and command prompt. The only thing that can make the change to the registry and re-enable it, is if a program runs at system level to make or modify the registry, but depending on your users, you would have to have a technical savy user to figure this out.
  3. You may want to re-write your question.

    Network USB storage is not connected to the PC via USB, it's connected to a network sharing divice via USB, and the PC is connected to that though the network.

    Unless you just mean USB storage without the network part. But either way, this is a pretty confusing thing you are asking, need some more details to clarify things.
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