Power Requirements for Crossfire HD 3870s?

does anyone know the necessary power for 2 ATI HD 3870s in Crossfire? (Specifically ASUS EAH3870 if it makes a difference).

If anyone think they know, or have an approximate idea, that would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. You would need a good 600W+ PSU from Antec EA/ Corsair/ PCP&S/ Seasonic/ Silver stone/ CM Real power...
    But I wont crossfire now a old graphics card, when HD 4870 can give you the power for just about $150...
  2. The minimum requirements are a 550W PSU with two 6-pin connectors. Keep in mind that's the minimum though. The other parts in your system can have an effect on how much of a power supply is needed to, not just the video card(s).
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    According to reference charts I have bookmarked, two ATI HD 3870 cards operating in Crossfire mode use a combined total of about 40 watts at idle and about 165 watts and 12 amps on the 12 volt rail(s) at load. Results vary a little bit depending on how the measurements were taken. The cards are definitely not as power hungry as some of the other cards.
  4. Thanks a lot guys, you were very helpful. I agree, I don't think I should crossifre 2 of those, and should just get a better singular card. I only asked because I can get 2 almost new 3870s for about $40 each.

  5. That's a bargain price. There's a reason for that. Prices have been droping as newer cards are introduced.
  6. That's not a bad price if you already have a 3850 or 3870, but since 4850s are so cheap you really are just better off getting a single 4850 right now. Sure two 3870s in crossfire will generally prove a little faster (without AA anyway) but a single 4850 only needs one slot, less power, and generates less heat than two 3870s. You can also just add another 4850 latter on.
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