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I want to thank every one who help me before with getting my head wrapped around my first build. I am getting ready to do a major build I brought a Cooler Master CSX Limited Edition Stacker 830 Hell Razor Full Tower Case. I am going to water cool the motherboard the ASUS Rampage III Extreme Black Edition & the 2 XFX ATI Radeon HD 6990's Brought some Koolance water block & Reservoir. The top of the case it looks like the Triple 120mm Radiator could fit how would I mount it ?? Also I am hoping I will be able to mount 3 120mm fans to the radiator to pull the heat off of it just not sure if it will fit or do what I need it too. The CPU is going to be cooled by the Corsair H70. Just the graphics Cards & Motherboard are going to be on this loop... Thanks RJ
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  1. Do you have links to the components you have?

    No offense, but you'd be better off adding the CPU into the same loop as the rest instead of hodge-podging 2 solutions with a full loop for part and the H70 for the CPU. If you already have everything purchased and need to continue this route, I understand.

    Yes, you'd want to have the fans on the radiator to help remove heat.

    Have you Googled your case + water cooling? You can typically find people that have images of their setup this way. YouTube also in the same manner.

    Any reason you are watercooling motherboard components? It isn't really necessary unless you really just want to. Most MB blocks are highly restrictive to flow.
  2. I am just wondering if any one has do this Modification to a stacker. I do understand what your saying about combining the CPU into the loop but, thought it would be too much heat to be handled that way. When over clocking having the CPU on it's own would be better because I am thinking the i7 980X will get very hot and having all on one loop would be to much for for every thing on one loop. I will try to google to see if any one else has done this kind of mod. Thanks for your help R.Jones
  3. What is your perception of the heat load from the CPU, the heat in watts dissipated from the radiators in question and what kind of Delta are you wanting to run?

    What Koolance gear did you get?
  4. ^ Not if you have sufficient radiators. There's plenty of reviews on rads, especially at skineelabs you can see how many watts of heat they dissipate with whatever CFM fans so you can pick exactly as much rad as you need and keep it as quiet or loud as you want. For two 6990 and a 980X you'll probably need three triple rads.
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    OP needs to determine heat-watts @ load on his CPU and GPUs and then find a suitable radiator setup and fans needed to provide the Delta he's looking for.
  6. Here is the Koolance Hardware VID-AR587 Water Blocks CH-125 Chip Ste water block Koolance RO 402X2 Reservoir Koolance Triple 120mm Radiator Danger Den D-5 Pump This hardware is going to be cooling the dual GPU's & the Northbridge Chip set. Now the ASUS Rampage III Extreme MB I felt when overclocking having the CPU all in one loop mite be just too much heat for every thing to be on one loop. Even if I am wrong will I be able to mount the triple 120mm Radiator up in the top of the tower?? From looking at it there is room just how would it be done?? Thanks guys for all your help R.Jones
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  8. Any reason to why all Koolance gear? Most people in the watercooling community aren't fond of them after their issues with mixed metals in the past. Their CPU and GPU blocks are pretty decent for the most part. Their rads perform about on-par with Swiftech, XSPC and others similar.

    How do you mount it? Do you have a good image of the inside-top of the case? Sometimes you have to improvise...not all cases are made specifically for water cooling outside of a H70 or a 220 rad.
  9. Redskins said:
    The top of the case it looks like the Triple 120mm Radiator could fit how would I mount it ??

  10. Man, that guy could have a much cleaner build if he mounted that micro-res elsewhere or used a bay-res.
  11. I am thinking inside the top of the Stacker 830 it looks to me I could mount the triple 120mm radiator inside from the top just not sure if the tower & radiator can be mounted there. I guess it would have to find someone who has the Cooler Master Stacker 830 and has done this kind of water cooling mod to his/her tower I will keep checking back to see if any one has done such a mod .. Thka
  12. Tada-

    Not sure you can get a 360 inside there, but with some modding, I'm sure you can make it fit. :)

    Otherwise, running 2x 240 rads might be your only choice...or get a different case.
  13. I have come to the idea to mount the radiator off the back of the tower.
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