Noob Question: Can you replace the installed (dedicated) video card?

This may be a really stupid question but I was trying to find out how difficult it would be to remove/replace a graphics card from a laptop for something better. I currently have an Acer with an ATI Radeon 3650 1GB card and was hoping to have the option to upgrade to something with GDDR3 on it in the future. I assume it's not as easy as it would be on my desktop, right?
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  1. Simple answer is you cannot upgrade video cards on a laptop.
  2. Hmm.. That sucks.
  3. Buy a desktop ;)
  4. If you've got a 3650 1GB in your laptop as it is, you're pretty well off actually. Laptops with anything faster tend to get pretty spendy. ;)

    For bettering video cards, it's much cheaper to build/buy a desktop.
  5. Thanks for the help! Yup, I'm working on a few ideas for a decent desktop though I wanted something I can use for travel that still allows me to have some fun on the road while I'm, um, "working....." :D
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