Nvidia Geforce 9500GT!Help Me To Choose!, Serious & Sure Help Needed..

I am planning to buy a 1GB nvidia geforce 9500gt card for my pc soon...MY main headache is WILL IT WORK WITH MY M.B WHICH HAS A PCIe x16 SLOT???
Also saw that some partners makes this card with passive cooling(fanless) & some with fan..Which one will be good?Our weather stays hot maximum time..

P4 3ghz ht
1.5gb ddr1 ram at 400mhz (soon increase it to 2.5GB)
intel 915GAV mb
400 watt PSU

More MB Detail:


Please post your valuable replies waiting....
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  1. If you live somewhere hot do NOT install a fanless card unless you want to (briefly) use it as a BBQ!
    If your motherboard has a PCI-EX16 slot the card will work. End of story.
    Do not get a 1Gb card unless it is the same price as a 512Mb card, you will just be throwing money away.
    Why a 9500GT?
  2. Why a 9500GT?
    Bcoz of my poor system & my pocket..
  3. ^AH, I see.
    Check the specs, though, there are GDDR2 (poor) and GDDR3 (better) 9500s' out there, look for the GDDR3 cards, they will be better, even if you have to get a 512Mb card instead of the 1Gb you want.
    Also consider the GDDR3 HD4650 if it's in your price range and available.

  4. Thanxxx coozie7...
  5. If you're going to order a 9500GT, I would NOT spend extra on the 1GB version, as your system as a whole will not use that all. The 512MB versions should be plenty. The games that would use the 1GB worth of video memory, probably won't even play on your system, and if they do, it'd be at real low settings that wouldn't use the 1GB memory anyhow.

    It's all marketing bull crap. ;)
  6. +1 to the other guys...

    If you are set on a 9500 then try to get the DDR3 version if you can find it. For this card, the 1gig isn't worth it. I am not that familiar with the v1.1, but if you could, the 9600 with 512 of DDR3 will do phenomenally better than a 9500 and the 9600's aren't that much more. I think i've seen them for low 70's with a 10 MIR.

    I have a 9600 in one machine and a 9500 in another DDR3 in the 96 and DDR2 in the 95 and running mark06 respectively the 9600 will score 3k-3.5k more in the 3.0 test thing.
  7. thanxxx jerreece...I 2 think so but will it run on mb???
  8. Kithzaru thanxxx for your valuable info..
  9. Sorry i got so caught up in the difference between the ram and the 95 and 96 i didn't answer part of your original question...

    between like XFX, PNY, etc, etc, etc

    generally you could just look at the reviews for the product and go by that long with the warranty + cost factor. also, register your product after you buy it with the manufacturer.

    everyone is going to have their own experiences with manufacturers but from the ones you listed... XFX would be my choice, simply because of their warranty, though i have heard the other three are good brands as well
  10. The 9500GT will work just fine. As previously stated, don't go with a fan less one. If you do then you better make sure you have good case ventilation. One reason to go with XFX is due to their double life time warranty. I say just go with whichever one has a better cooler on it to overclock it :D. You may also want to consider something like a Radeon 4650. Anything more powerful than that won't do you too much good though due to the rest of your system :D. You may want to think about overclocking that P4 a little if you are going to play any games.
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  12. You could always sell your system and start over. Add $200 for what you sold it for and pretty certain you can build a gaming rig with an e5200, G31 mobo than OC the CPU to 3.3 Ghz, 2 Gigs RAM, and a 9600 GT.
  13. thanxx HundredIslandsBoy for your suggestion but that is possible for me at this time so plz answer the ?s in my thread..
  14. Get the one with the fan, especially if you're going to do a lot of gaming. Although the fanless design will work, the GPU temps will be higher than a card with a fan.

    Also, find a card with at least a 2 year warranty. It's just extra comfort knowing how fast videocards can literally burn up, fry, overheat and die.
  15. Thanxxx...
  16. All good advice up there. If your budget allows, a 4670 is probably the most powerful readily-available card that doesn't need auxilliary power. I think they're as low as $70. There are supposedly some low-power 9600GT and even 9800GT cards coming out now, but from what I've read they will be more expensive.
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