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NFL Sunday Ticket =- You've got to be Kidding

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August 5, 2005 4:47:51 AM

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Now they want $280 for that package. Hell a couple of years ago it was $150.

The laugher is that they have an offer now that if you order NFLST, you get
the premium package for free for 4 months.

Well after 4 months is up, you can't cancel it. You then have to pay $94 for
the next 8 months.

So basically that package is $1032. Are these people freaking insane. Do
they really think that deal is going to fly?

I was going to pay $208, but to jump it up to $280 on Aug 1 is more than
ridiculous. And then to want $99 more for HD games. These guys better grab a
clue soon or their heads are going to be spinning faster than you can say
Dish Network.

I am seriously thinking about going DISH now. The only advantage I saw with
Direct Tv was the NFL Sunday ticket. Now that they have screwed that up, I
really don't see an alternative.
August 5, 2005 4:47:52 AM

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I agree.The Sunday Ticket is an overpriced,
overhyped media product.I quit purchasing it
2 years ago because I thought it was too much
17 games for $279 is just bad value from an economic standpoint based
on per unit cost.
Especially when MLB Extra Innings (baseball)
offers 90% of the games for approximately 40% less and the baseball
schedule has 162 games in its program and offers almost 140 of those for
Even the NBA League Pass is a better value than the football package.I
subscribe to both these packages,but never again football until they
reinstate some fiscal reality to their marketing.
I originally subscribed to the Sunday Ticket back in 1999 when it was
on C-Band (and only C-Band) for $99.Ever since DirecTV got its'
"exclusive" hooks into it,it has been on an inflationary spiral ever
End of my rant.