Advice needed - poor 3dmark06 score

can anyone give me some advice why i am getting such average 3dmark06 scores?

my score is just over 13k

my system:

cpu: q6600 @ 3.55ghz
mobo: asus p5n32-sli-e
ram: 4 x 2gb patriot pc2 8500 1066 (4-4-4-12)
gpu: palit gtx260 (216sp) 898mb
hdd: 1tb seagate, 500gb seagate
psu: 860 watt shaw
cooling: asus silent knight 2
monitor: 24" lcd
audio: supreme fx 8ch hd

any comments on my system would be appreciated

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  1. What setting do you have the 3dmark06 set on? There's three different settings you can choose from. Preformance/(can't remember)/extreme i think they are
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