PC3-16000 runs at 667mhz

On an ASUS P7P55D mb I run G-skill F3-16000CL9D-2GBTD, but CPU-Z shows it running Max bandwidth PC3-10700H 667mhz and CL9-9-9-28 almost same as speced out at.. Whats up and should I change bios somewhere. TurboV-EVO shows dram Voltage at 1.6. Ron Shimek
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  1. Did you manually set your memory parameters in your BIOS?
  2. Since your memory is specced to run at 1.5v and you are showing it at 1.6v, perhaps you need to lower the voltage by adjusting that setting in the BIOS. Check and see what the BIOS has it at tho before adjusting. The lower voltage may enable the board to run the memory at a faster speed automatically. Check that first.
  3. Thank you and I will investigate the bios settings.
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